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BoardBook Application Compiler Main PageBoardBook solves a common challenge facing boards and organizations of every size—how to manage the paper devoted to board meeting agenda packets.

Perhaps you've looked at other electronic solutions and been stymied by the special purchases required—a new server, a dedicated Internet connection, hard-to-learn software. You'll face none of that with BoardBook. BoardBook is an electronic agenda-preparation tool that you access through your Web browser.

More than 1250 organizations use BoardBook. Although the majority of subscribers are public school districts, the number of subscribing organizations outside of education continues to grow.

Be up and running in two hours

Imagine having—on your desktop, right now—everything you need to prepare, publish, distribute, and use the agenda packets electronically. One quick login, and everything you need is at your fingertips, whether you're an administrative assistant compiling the packet, a board member reviewing a packet, or a senior staff member preparing for a meeting. BoardBook is easy to learn and easy to use.

The agenda packet compiler can be up and running with BoardBook within hours of making your first call. For senior staff and board members, mastering the viewer only takes minutes. Even computer novices can implement the service with minimum effort.

Consider BoardBook's flexibility

BoardBook allows you great flexibility. Because each agenda packet is delivered as a single PDF, board members have a number of delivery options. The packets can be read both online and offline on iPads, e-book readers, laptops and other portable devices. The book style layout of the agenda packet is immediately familiar, and BoardBook is one of the few electronic agenda preparation tools that creates a printable agenda packet.

Feeling hopeful? Good! Call us to find out more about how BoardBook can help you, your board, and your organization, or to learn more about specific benefits for compilers, the CEO, and board members.

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