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How to Cut Meeting Preparation Time in Half
BoardBook reduces meeting preparation from hours to minutes. Join us for a live 30-minute informational webinar to see how to reduce the time, money, and stress associated with board meeting preparation.
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How to Automate Public Postings and Reduce FOIA Requests
Join us for a live 20-minute informational webinar to see how to create and post custom meeting notices, agendas, and minutes within seconds to your organization's website using BoardBook.
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How to Improve Workflow Efficiencies
Ensure meeting contributions are delivered to agenda compilers efficiently and on time with BoardBook's Workflow feature. Join us for a live 30-minute webinar to see how meeting contributors and agenda compilers work together to save time and meeting important board meeting deadlines.
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TASB Conference for Administrative Professionals
Austin, TX
February 22-23, 2018