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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions that may help you see if BoardBook would work for your needs.

If you're a current user, please contact the support team with your questions.

Getting Started

Q. Who uses BoardBook?
Q. How long has BoardBook been in business?
Q. Does Workflow cost extra?
Q. Are there additional fees for training?
Q. Is internet access required?
Q. What are hardware and software requirements?

Board Members

Q. Does BoardBook provide accessible support?
Q. Can I print an entire agenda packet?
Q. Can I search previous meeting packets by keyword?
Q. How do I add notes to my agenda packet?
Q. Can I view the board packet offline?
Q. Can board members contact each other or share information within the program?

Administrative Staff

Q. What kind of documents can I upload to BoardBook?
Q. Can the meeting agenda be customized?
Q. Will BoardBook paginate agenda attachments?
Q. Does BoardBook provide e-mail notifications?
Q. Can previous agendas in the program be copied or imported to a new meeting?
Q. Does BoardBook have a feature to reorder items and attachments in the agenda?
Q. Is it possible to make last-minute changes to the agenda?
Q. Can BoardBook help with creating minutes?

Leadership Teams

Q. Can we go paperless and still print an agenda packet for a guest or board member when necessary?
Q. Is there an option to post documents for the public?
Q. Can we create different versions of the agenda packet?
Q. Can our leadership team review the agenda packet before it is sent to the board?
Q. Can I add a presentation to the packet?
Q. What about an approvals workflow?
Q. Do we have to convert attachments to PDF before adding to the agenda in Workflow?

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