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Here are some common questions and answers that may help you decide if BoardBook Premier is right for you.

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About BoardBook Premier

Q. Who uses BoardBook Premier?
Q. How long has BoardBook been in business?

Upgrading to BoardBook Premier

Q. What is the advantage of switching to BoardBook Premier now?
Q. When should we move to the new version?
Q. What’s the cost to upgrade to BoardBook Premier?
Q. Will I be able to use the same features I’m familiar with now?
Q. Will I need to sign another agreement or contract if I migrate to BoardBook Premier?
Q. Are other organizations using this system right now?
Q. Can I still use the current version of BoardBook in the meantime?

Features & Benefits

Q. Can BoardBook Premier help with creating minutes?
Q. Can I add a presentation to the packet?
Q. Can the meeting agenda be customized?
Q. Do we have to convert documents to PDF before adding them to the agenda?
Q. Will BoardBook Premier paginate agenda attachments?
Q. Does BoardBook Premier have a feature to reorder items and attachments in the agenda?
Q. Can previous agendas in the program be copied or imported to a new meeting?
Q. Can our leadership team review the packet before it is sent to the board members?

Meeting Materials

Q. Can board members contact each other or share information through the program?
Q. Can I review the board packet offline?
Q. Can I search previous meeting packets by keywords?
Q. Can we go paperless and still print an agenda packet for a guest or board member when necessary?
Q. Is there an option to post documents for the public?
Q. Does BoardBook Premier provide email notifications?
Q. How do I add notes to my agenda packets?

Training & Support

Q. Do I receive training with my membership?
Q. Does BoardBook Premier provide technical support?

Technical Requirements

Q. Is internet access required?
Q. What are the hardware and software requirements?
Q. What kinds of documents can I upload to BoardBook Premier?

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