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Agenda Manager, Minutes Manager, and other Resources

BoardBook Premier Quick Reference Sheet

Training and Support Resources for BoardBook Premier

Below you'll find that our support materials are listed in sections by subject or general category:

Foundation Videos: These videos will give you a basic understanding of some key concepts that will appear in numerous other videos:

Creating the Meeting:

Working with the Agenda:

Meeting documents:

Releasing the Meeting:

Meeting Management and Minutes Tools:

After the Meeting:

Other Subjects:

Working with Meeting and Report Templates

Working with Committees

Committees give you a way to identify groups that have their own meetings and or manage access to attachments and documents based on membership in the Committee or Permission Group.

Working with Users

Once you have a good feel for adding and managing Meetings and Agendas, it’s time to work with your users:

Advanced Features

These include Goals, Online Documents and Policies, and Organizational Branding. Please review these handouts: