Increasing Meeting Productivity: 5 Myths That Could Be Holding You Back 

Want to up your meeting game? Don’t let these five meeting myths drag you down. 

Myth 1: Last-minute changes set everything back. 

Reality: If you’re using a paper-based meeting system, you know how much work a last-minute change can be. One minor update can mean recopying, reprinting, or repaginating materials that have already been compiled – eating up hours of your time. 

But last-minute changes don’t have to be a hassle. With BoardBook’s paperless system, making changes is a breeze. You can quickly add, delete, or reorganize agenda items using our drag-and-drop interface. The program repaginates automatically, and you don’t have to worry about distributing new materials – our online system makes it easy to notify participants when changes have been made.

Myth 2: Meeting coordination is exhausting.

Reality: Meeting coordination can be tricky if you’re working manually. But BoardBook’s all-in-one meeting platform helps you work more efficiently. Multiple contributors can quickly submit items to the agenda manager. Plus, our templates make it simple to organize, plan for, and report out on recurring meetings. 

Myth 3: Managing multiple committees is always messy. 

Reality: With BoardBook’s cloud-based system, managing multiple committees is simple. Each committee has access to its own agenda and templates, and multiple contributors can add information seamlessly. Using the delegation system, you can create users who can request agenda items, upload meeting documents, or even create and manage up to three committees, and you can assign users access to as many different committees as needed.

Managing more than three committees? With Tier 2 access, you can manage up to 10 committees with ease. 

Myth 4: Finalizing minutes means hours of work after the meeting is over. 

Reality: Finalizing the meeting and uploading files to a public website can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With BoardBook Premier, you can easily capture voting and attendance during the meeting and quickly record notes or items to follow up on. You won’t have to stay behind for hours organizing notes or summarizing key points of the meeting. 

Plus, using our web-based software, you can post minutes and agendas for the public with a few simple clicks. Find an error? Updating and resharing public documents is easy.

Myth 5: Going paperless isn't worth the trouble.

Reality: Learning a new system can be daunting, but BoardBook makes it easy to switch. With the time you’ll save on meeting preparation and coordination, you’ll feel like you have extra hands on your team! Plus, your subscription includes unlimited training and support, including webinars, PDF guides, and video tutorials, to help make switching a breeze.

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