June 2022 Newsletter

New Board Members on Your Team

Get new board members up to speed on BoardBook Premier with the Viewer Support Page. Here, board members and other viewers will find a collection of resources to help them get the most out of BoardBook Premier and your meeting materials.

Here are four other things to keep in mind when welcoming new members to your board.

Training for new or backup compilers this summer

Basic Skills Training

Basic Skills Training sessions are available for new compilers every other Thursday. This online training is intended for users creating, editing, and publishing agendas in BoardBook Premier. It will cover the entire program (please note that this training session is not appropriate for board members, staff viewers, IT, etc.).  Please register online and set aside three hours on the date of your registration to attend this training.

Register for Basic Skills Training

Self-Paced Training

If you are looking for details on a specific topic or would prefer to work through topics at your own pace, please refer to the official BoardBook Premier Training and Support Resources page for quick access to video tutorials and PDF guides.

You can find it by clicking on the ? icon and then selecting BoardBook Help from the dropdown menu.

Tier 2 Training

If you have recently upgraded to Tier 2, please register for Tier 2 training. This is a separate one-hour training for users who are already familiar with the basics of creating, editing, and publishing meetings and want to learn how to use the Tier 2 features of BoardBook Premier.

oardBook Best Practice: Backing up your meeting material

As a matter of best practice, BoardBook recommends downloading all meeting materials on a regular basis. Remember, BoardBook is not intended to serve as an archive of record, so you need to develop your own process for backing up meeting materials. To assist you with this, we have created guides in both video and PDF formats, which are available on BoardBook’s Training and Support Resources webpage.

These will guide you through downloading your meeting materials.

Register for Tier 2 Training

Share your suggestions with us

At BoardBook we know that even experienced users sometimes have questions about our program.  And we want to collect those questions to provide answers to common questions in the format of video presentations, support materials, and perhaps even a webinar.  

Is there a topic you would like to see in a future BoardBook Bulletin or covered in a user guide? Are there features of the program that you’d like to learn more about?  Or features you like that you think other users could benefit from knowing about? Please let us know the feature, and if possible, a couple of questions you have about that feature.

Send your idea to submissions@boardbook.org. Please note that we will not respond directly to questions that are submitted unless we need clarification. We are only interested in gathering the information and won’t use your name or organization in our material.

More online resources

All of these resources and more are available on the official BoardBook Premier Training and Support Resources page for quick access to video tutorials and PDF guides to help you get the most out of BoardBook Premier. Check back regularly to discover new and updated guides and videos as well as instructions for new features.