March 2022 Newsletter

BoardBook's Member Survey Says…

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our annual survey. We rely on your feedback to help us prioritize updates, upgrades, and additions to BoardBook Premier’s features, so your participation is appreciated.

One question we asked was: What is a feature that you would like to know more about? This newsletter is dedicated to those responses.

Taking minutes and recording attendance and votes

Almost 40 percent of respondents wanted to learn more about taking minutes in BoardBook Premier and almost 25 percent of respondents wanted to learn more about electronic vote recording and attendance taking. These are all tasks that can be performed by the Minutes Manager. We have prepared a brief video walkthrough as a great place for you to start! Automatic vote recording, which allows board members to vote from their devices, is available with Tier 2 accounts. Contact us for additional Tier 2 features and to learn how to upgrade.


Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of respondents wanted to learn more about meeting templates; another 23 percent of respondents would like to learn more about report templates (agenda, notice, and minutes). To maximize efficiency within the BoardBook Premier program it is critical that you understand the differences between the two types of templates (meeting versus report). Watch this one-minute video explaining the difference.

Meeting templates

These control meeting settings (e.g., date, location, time, etc.) and content (e.g., agenda topics, order, attachments, etc.) for a meeting. Meeting templates do not control how a downloaded or printed agenda will look. Meeting templates let you easily replicate similar meetings without constructing them from scratch. Note: Once a meeting template has been applied to a meeting it cannot be changed; likewise, modifying a meeting template will not affect meetings that have already been created with that template. Watch this detailed explanation of meeting templates.

Report templates

These do control how downloaded or printed documents will look. This includes things like logos, letterhead, font, etc. Report templates do not control any meeting information – anything specific to an individual meeting should be altered within an individual meeting, not at the template level. To maintain consistency and minimize confusion, keep your templates to an absolute minimum. Watch this detailed explanation of report templates and download our “Working with Templates” guide.

Page numbers

There were a few people who asked about page numbering. Read how you can configure page numbers for your reports.

Projector mode

Seventeen percent of respondents wanted to know more about the public projector mode in BoardBook Premier. This mode allows you to project meeting information in a meeting hall or share meeting information with the public in an online or hybrid meeting. This mode will automatically exclude any attachments that do not have their permission level set to “Public.” This three-minute video breaks down setting up and using Projector Mode.

Follow the leader

Sixteen percent of respondents wanted to learn more about BoardBook Premier’s Follow the Leader option. Follow the Leader is the answer to that age old question of “what page are we on?” This allows one person to “lead” the meeting in BoardBook (Note: it does not have to be the same person who is leading the actual meeting) and keeps everyone following along on the same page. Watch this short video about how to use Follow the Leader in your next meeting.

More online resources

All of these resources and more are available on the official BoardBook Premier Training and Support Resources page for quick access to video tutorials and PDF guides to help you get the most out of BoardBook Premier. Check back regularly to discover new and updated guides and videos as well as instructions for new features.