BoardBook’s Summer To-Do List

Summer is an excellent time to take a breather, recharge, and refocus. It's also a good opportunity to make sure your BoardBook account is up to date so you can get the most out of it throughout the year. Here are our top five tips for updating your BoardBook account this summer.

1. Welcome New Board Members

Many boards welcome new board members in the summer or fall. As part of your welcoming process, be sure to share the link to BoardBook’s Board Member and Other Viewer Help page with them. This page includes a number of guides and video tutorials for using the BoardBook program. We will also be hosting a board member specific Lunch and Learn in October (more details to come).

2. Review Your User List

At least once or twice a year, you should make the time to review your user list. You can take this time to review user permissions, double-check that you’ve removed old users, and check to see that your current users have all logged in. We’ve created a User Management Guide to help.

3. Backup Your Meetings

Likewise, it is a good idea to download and backup your meeting data on a regular basis. Not sure where to start? Check out our How to Download the Materials for a Meeting video walkthrough. This short video will walk you through how to download your various meeting materials

4. Train a New Employee or Backup Compiler

Is there a new hire on staff who will be helping to compile meeting materials in BoardBook? Or someone who will be filling in while you take a well-earned vacation? Get them started with our Basic Skills Training – twice a month, one of our trainers hosts a live online training for users who will be creating, editing, and publishing agendas in BoardBook Premier.

5. Brush up on Training

Is there something is BoardBook that you’ve been meaning to learn more about, but just haven’t had the time? Summer is also a great time to brush up on your own training. Take a couple minutes to browse the BoardBook Premier Training and Support Resources page, find a topic you’d like to learn more about, and read the guide or watch the video. It’s a great way to learn more about BoardBook Premier.

Upcoming Lunch and Learn Webinars

Once a month, join a BoardBook specialist for an in-depth exploration of a specific aspect of BoardBook. See live walkthroughs of program tasks, ask questions, and more. Invitations with more details will be sent out the week prior to each workshop.