March 2023 Newsletter

Thank You!

More than 500 users filled out surveys and gave us valuable feedback during the second week of January. We rely on user feedback to help us prioritize BoardBook Premier updates, upgrades, and additions, as well as future content like this newsletter, user guides, and our Lunch and Learn series.

Your Wish List

Many of you told us that you wished you could do something specific in BoardBook. Well, today is your lucky day! Here are answers to some of your top requests.

“I wish the other meetings (SHAC and Safety) that we have to post would be on there.”
You can use BoardBook for your committee meetings as well as you board meetings. Tier One users can manage up to three committees and Tier Two users up to ten committees in addition to your board meetings. We’ve prepared this Working with Committees Guide to help you get started. There will also be a Lunch & Learn about Working with Committee Meetings on April 6.

“I wish I could edit/create a personalized agenda/notice/minute template.”
If you’d like to learn more about agenda, notice, or minute templates, check out our Working with Templates Guide or the upcoming Working with Report Templates Lunch & Learn on March 9th.

“I wish BoardBook would automatically number my pages.”
It will! Here’s a guide for Configuring Page Numbers in your reports.

“I wish that when changes are made the same link that was originally emailed would be able to be used to open up the new agenda with the changes.”
As long as you keep the meeting in “Review” or “Published” status, that same link will still work no matter how many changes you make. There’s no need to email the board every time you make a change; however, you might want to if you add something big or important to the agenda.

“I wish there were more training modules available to access online.”
There are! By clicking on the ? icon and then selecting “BoardBook Meeting Manager and Administrator Help” from the dropdown menu, you’ll the find a selection of guides and video tutorials divided up by topics. And we also host monthly live webinars in which one of our trainers focuses on a specific task within BoardBook Premier – check out the Lunch & Lunch schedule below.

Lunch & Learns for 2023

Lots of you said you enjoyed the Lunch & Learn series we kicked off last year and we love hosting them, so be on the lookout for more invitations in the future. Here’s our upcoming schedule:

March 9 Working with Report Templates
April 6 Working with Committee Meetings
May 18 Understanding User Permissions

More Resources Available Online

The official BoardBook Premier Training and Support Resources page can be accessed by clicking on the ? icon and then selecting “BoardBook Administration and Meeting Management Help” from the dropdown menu. Here, we host a collection of pdf guides and video tutorials to help you get the most out of BoardBook Premier.
If you have and additional questions, please let us know – | 888-587-2665.