June 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to Connecticut and New Hampshire

BoardBook is pleased to announce new partnerships with the Connecticut Association of Boards Education (CABE) and the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA). These partnerships with CABE and NHSBA mark BoardBook’s twelfth and thirteenth state school board association partnerships.

Highlight on User Management

Did you know that you can find written guides and video tutorials on BoardBook Premier’s Training and Resources page? We recently added an updated User Management Guide. Here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions.

  • How do I add a new user? Access BoardBook Premier’s user management interface by selecting “Users & Committees” from the gray navigation bar and then clicking “Manage All Users.” Then simply click the blue “New User” button.
  • Can’t add a user? You may not have enough permission to. Only organizational administrators can add users to BoardBook Premier, so check with the organizational administrator at your organization to create the account or to determine if you should have that level of access.
  • How do I reset a user’s password? Select “View/Edit User’s Information” and click the “Change Password.” This will allow you to assign a new password that the user can update later.
  • How do I remove a user? From the user management screen, click the “Edit” button next to the user you wish to remove and then simply click the yellow “Remove User from BoardBook Premier” button.

BoardBook Best Practices: Backing Up Your Meeting Materials

As a matter of best practice, BoardBook recommends downloading all meeting materials on a regular basis. Remember, BoardBook is not intended to serve as an archive of record, so you need to develop your own process for backing up meeting materials. To assist you with this, we have created guides in both video and pdf formats; they are available on BoardBook’s Training and Support Resources web page. These will guide you through downloading your meeting materials.

Meeting Status: When to Update

Mastering when the update your Meeting Status is one of the most important aspects to smoothing out your work flow in BoardBook Premier. Here is a quick review of the Meeting Statuses in BoardBook Premier and when they should be updated.

  • In Development: This the default Meeting Status. This is the status to begin drafting your agenda and uploading your meeting materials. During the “In Development” status only Agenda Managers and Agenda Reviewer (In Development) can see the meeting.
  • In Review: This is the Meeting Status that “releases” the meeting agenda and materials to your board. Once you update to “In Review,” all Voting Members and Agenda Reviewers (In Review) will be able to see the meeting.
  • Published: This is the Meeting Status that “releases” the meeting to the public and publishes the agenda and any attachments you’ve made available for the public to your organization’s web page.
  • Completed: This is the Meeting Status that “releases” the approved minutes for that meeting. Make sure that you upload the minutes for that meeting first, before updating the meeting status.

Note that you do not need to move a meeting status backwards to make an update to an agenda item or attachment; simply make your change in BoardBook Premier and everyone’s meeting information will update automatically.

For a complete overview of Meeting Status, check out the online video tutorial.

More Resources Available Online

Bookmark the official BoardBook Premier Training and Support Resources page for easy access to a collection of video tutorials and pdf guides. This will help you get the most out of BoardBook Premier.

Coming soon! Video guides for:

  • Import Agenda Items (new featre)
  • Attach Documents (new capabilities)
  • Meetings Minutes and Agendas screen (new capabilities)
  • Download Meeting Materials

Check back regularly as we plan to keep adding useful guides, videos, and instructions for new features.

If you have and additional questions, please let us know – support@boardbook.org | 888-587-2665.