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Your BoardBook® Premier subscription includes unlimited training and support. Whether you’re an existing customer or just getting started, we have several options available, including:

  • Self-training modules
  • Webinars
  • Classroom courses
  • One-on-one options, including remote training via screen sharing

BoardBook Premier Meetings


Please check back for the dates and times of upcoming training opportunities.  

Webinar: Simplify Preparation and Improve Efficiencies for Board Meetings

From agenda preparation to board packet review, BoardBook Premier reduces board meeting preparation from hours to minutes with our easy-to-use board packet software. Join us for a live 30-minute webinar to see how BoardBook can help you:

  • Reduce the time, money, and stress associated with board meeting preparation
  • Create an agenda from scratch or copy previous topics and attachments
  • Prepare official meeting documents
  • Release materials to board members and constituents
  • Automate public postings for transparency
  • Improve workflow efficiencies between different contributors

This webinar is designed to help you decide if BoardBook meets your needs.

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