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The Standard in Board Agenda Preparation and Decision Making

  • Instant Access to Meeting Information 
  • Secure, Cloud-Based Document Management 
  • Intuitive Board Experience
  • Online Policy Management
  • Flexible Range of Permission Options for All Users
  • Streamlined Features for Seamless Meetings (Attendance, Electric Voting, Simultaneous Uploads, and More)

Manage your meetings from start to finish

BoardBook® Premier is the meetings preparation software you need to make board meetings easy. The platform boosts the efficiency of your meetings, improves collaboration, and enhances communication among board members.

With BoardBook Premier, you can reduce the time-consuming work of compiling and distributing notices, gathering support materials, and publishing agenda packets—while organizing and streamlining meetings for board members, too.

With the latest updates, BoardBook® Premier has even more features and benefits that make it the standard in board agenda preparation and decision making.

Boardbook is helping organizations across North America

Join the thousands of organizations throughout the United States and Canada already using BoardBook, including:

  • School boards
  • Colleges and universities
  • Cities and counties
  • Public libraries
  • Businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Associations and nonprofit organizations

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Benefits of BoardBook


More than 1,700 organizations use BoardBook to fulfill their missions and work more efficiently. Our clients range from public school districts to cities, colleges, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

"Great training and an amazing product!....I look forward to using this and sharing this with my board!"

Kimberly Taylor,
Rains ISD

"BoardBook Premier has been fun to learn. I just recently learned that I can copy agenda items from one meeting to another. I tend to go look at the Training page to see if there's something new I can put into use."

Mindy Graham,
Wichita Falls ISD

"BoardBook Premier is very easy to navigate, very user friendly. Love the ability to upload several attachments at once!"

Margaret McClosky,
Anderson-Shiro CISD

"BoardBook Premier is a great product, and the support team that provided me with excellent and friendly customer service!” 

Lorri Agee,
Mount Vernon ISD

Who benefits from BoardBook

Leadership Teams

Your leadership team has the critical task of balancing day-to-day operations and helping the board make the right decisions for the success of your organization. BoardBook will:

  • Streamline your operations
  • Save time and resources
  • Provide a central location for board meeting documents

The Workflow feature ensures all your key players are informed and meeting crucial deadlines. The user-friendly interface makes contributing reports and other documentation easy. And with multiple compilation options, you can ensure the right information is shared with the right people.

Administrative Staff

Your time is valuable. How long does it take you to put together an average board meeting agenda packet? Days? Weeks? Add in the inevitable last-minute changes, multiple contributors, and tight deadlines—it’s a stressful process.

BoardBook saves you from the stress and gives you time back, making the entire process easier to manage. Creating meeting notices and building agenda packets, replacing supporting documents, reformatting, and repaginating as needed—you can do it all on your computer with a few quick clicks.

Board Members

As a board member, governing and guiding your organization is just one of the many demands on your time each day. Sifting through pages of important documents to find the information you need to make critical decisions is not the best use of your time.

BoardBook puts the right information at your fingertips in an organized, easy-to-navigate format. You’re on the go and so are your board materials. Access everything securely online from your computer or a tablet. Even without an internet or data connection, you’ll have access to your information wherever you are and whenever you need it with our offline access feature. Plus, you can add notes and comments to saved agenda packets.